Thursday, 24 March 2016

Car Story



*Term and conditions apply. Cars are very scarce. Cars may already be carved into pieces.  

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dot Story

Once there was a person called Dot. Dot had a fear of dots. No dotty letters such as or . So we won't harbor dots. NO DOTS.  Except full stops. All other dots are half dots, so they're bad. Anyway, dot went to the shop. She bought lots of bots. That day was unbearably hot. Rhyme a lot. The story turns to rot. Bye.

100 Word Challenge


No. This is not happening. That’s just a normal dog. Not massive. I'm just hallucinating. But I'm still running, just in case. I mean somebody could probably tell me that there's just a normal, ordinary dog. In fact, if I turn around now it'll probably be normal. I look round. Nope, still massive. I'm starting to wonder if I should scream. That sounds like the  right thing to do. I start screaming. Then I stop.  I start to wonder if me running away is a  metaphor for life. I realize I've stopped running. I look round. The dog's gone. Okay...
100 Words
Note: WOW SMALL TEXT!! The fancy word thingy is the same one I used before. As I said before, it was made with Hmm... Dragon fruits.I think that's a fruit.

Explanation Writing

My Reflection
YAY IT FINALLY WORKED! The border just wouldn't upload right in the HTML. Even now it's not quite right. Anyway, I was learning to write an explanation. I found the actual writing easy because it just wasn't that hard. The uploading however*...  My next step is to write another explanation...?

*Part of the border was above the writing, the rest were in the middle of it.

Friday, 18 March 2016


My Reflection
I was learning to... I don't know. Erm... maybe place value. I used that a bit. Erm...  I found this work tricky because the thing didn't give us many clues, but is was still fun. My next step is to practice using place value partitioning. Bye. 

Term 1 Week 7

Once upon a right now, there is a class called Room 20.  This class has been reading the Whale Rider. The Whale Rider is a book by Whiti Ihimaera. It's about a girl called Kahu, and is based around the legend of Paikea. I don't really like this book, because I don't really like stories that focus on a certain culture and you can't talk about these books easily without saying something wrong and getting an entire culture mad at you. Other than that, it's a good book. It's funny, well written and learning the tiny bits of Maori in the book is fun. There isn't really much else I can say, so goodbye. =D

Note: WOW SMALL TEXT! The fancy text thingy was made with Grapefruits.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Identifying Bias

Why I chose these things as bias
I chose these pieces because I couldn't find anything that showed bias to Kahu in particular, mainly just to girls in general. These were just biased in some way.
My Reflection
We were learning to identify bias when we are reading. This is a chapter from the whale rider. I found this work tricky, because I found it hard to find pieces that actually fitted the definition of bias. My next step is to look at another chapter, which shows particular bias towards KAHU, not just HALF THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD! I'm gonna call Koro Apirana Koro Piranha from now on. That's what Google wanted to call him.  

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


My Reflection
I was learning to compare characters in a book with me. I found this difficult because I haven't got a lot in common with these people and I'm always nervous about comparing other people with myself because I might say something good and it's wrong. My next step is to think of something that I have in common with these people.

Forms in room 20

No. 1

The Graph


Analyzing The Trends

Okay, so Other has 6. I did not put in enough options. But look at THIS:
MOVIE! That should have been put in Not School Related. Also, it seems more people have their forms about non-school related subjects. Michael and Mrs Graham didn't answer my form apparently, because there are no time related. CONCLUSION
1. I should've put in more options.
2 People don't like school
3 Some people just don't pay attention to what the form says
4 Michael and Mrs Graham didn't answer my form.


The Reflection

I was learning to answer a question using the statistical cycle. When we collected the data we used Google Forms, so I made my subject about what subject their form was about. I found this work easy because, well,  it was just simple, Okay? My next step is to ask another question because the cycle is infinite.

Peer Mediator Video

My Reflection
I was learning how to be a peer mediator. I found this work tricky because people kept laughing and ruining the video. Also, I messed up just as much as them, but they went to the teacher because apparently they never did anything wrong and all the failed videos were MY fault. My next step is to solve a real problem because they never turn out like this.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Term 1 Week 5

This year we have been portraits of ourselves out of patterns. This probably has some sort of really fancy name specially designed so that people writing a blog post about it will forget what it is. We'll call it patterportrait for now.  This art is actually really fun.  ONWARD!

First the teacher took photos in black and white of us. This was confusing for me because she said to do a "cool pose*". When it was my turn I was told to look to the right. People are strange

Next we drew a grid over the photo. This was because each square needed to have a pattern of it's own. This doesn't mean patterns cannot be repeated, they can but not right next to a square with the same pattern. We also made a paper window so we could focus on one square at a time.

Now we are copying each square from the photo onto a much bigger piece of paper. This part is interesting because for dark bits we are using small and close together patterns to make the illusion of darkness and big and far apart patterns to create the illusion of light. I decided to have 6 squares with a letter of my name as a pattern in them. They are arranged like this:     C.

I think that might be the last step. It's the step we're on at the moment so I can't write about anything else. I am really liking this artwork even though it's quite difficult. Can't wait to put them up. Bye!

*I do not understand this strange word