Thursday, 22 September 2016

St John certificate

This certificate is for the almighty SAINT JOHN IN SCHOOLS PROGRAM! The picture is slightly weird, I mean, where did they get that massive piece of paper? Maybe they had some excess bandages. And if I was slightly better at taking pictures then you would see the impossible sand castle*.  Anyway, I am a doctor now. Yay.

*It's got sticking out bits! Made of yellow sand! Yellow sand can't hold it's shape, you need wet sand that's dried out in that shape! Pomegranates!

Youthtown certificate

My Reflection?
This is a photo of me and my Youthtown certificate. As you can see, I am very enthusiastic about the sports. I'm a big fan of the Rogbee game. I love the running at the other people and the sitting on them until they give you the ball. I also love the attacking of the earth with the ball. Youthtown also had some of the sports games which were of the fun. There was the Hokkey game and the Biscutball game.