Friday, 4 December 2015

My Own School Report

My Reflection
I wasn't really learning something. Now I think there's some sort of really obvious thing I was learning that just popped into existence when I said that. I found this tricky because I don't like talking about my behavior just in case I say it's great and it turns out it's terrible, which would probably lead to me getting in trouble. My next step is to add a better comment.

WOW SMALL TEXT!!! This was not done with a template. Rock melons.

WOW MORE SMALL TEXT!!!!! This goes with the behavior bit. Watermelons.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Year Reflection


This year I learned how to get non-copyright images in digikids. An important decision I made this year is to join the ukulele Fantastic Friday group. One goal I accomplished this year is becoming a digikid. This year I tried to be a better person by becoming a digikid. My favorite memory of this year is the flag challenge (FLAG R US). The funniest thing that happened this year was, again, the flag challenge. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Te Tuhi Collage

My Reflection
I was learning about collage. I found this easy because all we had to do was glue, cut, draw* and paint. My next step is to do digital collage.
*Tracing with an ink sheet.

Fractured Fairy Tale 3

Little Red Riding Wolf


I'm finally finishing it. :(

Wolf looked down at the guard, who was patting his own face to clarify that this wasn't just a dream. Wolf looked up, to a stairway, which he proceeded to climb. At the top, he found a girl in a red cloak. Wolf patted her on the face, and she laughed. And because she was finally happy, the story was fixed and Wolf became just a wolf, and the voice, the voice became...
"Steve Cutty, woodcutter. Pleased to meet you." 
A wolf blinked. The voice was gone. This gave him so many opportunities, he could do anything he desired!
A wolf started to attempt catching a rabbit.

It's Done.

It's finally finished.


Friday, 20 November 2015

Te Tuhi Recount

Te Tuhi.


At sometime near the middle of the day called Monday, it was time to go to TE TUHI. We lined up and walked to the school van. Once we were at TE TUHI, we sat down to wait for the TE TUHI people to get the work shop ready.

Next, we started learning about collage. It turns out that lots of artists did collage, and it started in China with the invention of paper. We also learned that there are 3 types of collage, 3D collage, 2D collage and Digital collage. We started gluing ripped up pieces of paper to a sheet of cardboard-like paper. Then we used an ink sheet to draw designs from pages we ripped out of magazines. Finally we used watercolor paint to paint our collage.

Lastly, we looked at the collages in the gallery and finally left TE TUHI. Once we got back, the Year 4s were singing.  Next time we go to TE TUHI, we will be learning about DIGITAL COLLAGE.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ways People Speak.

My Reflection.

I was learning about the way people speak in narratives. I found the first task easyish, the 2nd easy, the 3rd easy but I had a really short book and the 4th okay. My next step is to learn more words to use instead of said.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6

On Monday Room 29 went to the Pic N' Mix collage workshop, at Te Tuhi. On with the recount.

First, we learnt about artists who did collage. I do not remember the names. We also learnt about the types of collage: Digital collage, 2D collage, 3D collage and the type of collage which is just painting on photos.

Then we went to Te Tuhi, where we made 2D collage out of: paper, magazine photos and ink. After we had finished our collages, we went to look at some collages that were in the section of the gallery called Visiting Asia. We also looked in the section of the gallery with all the yellow balloons, which was just around the corner.

Finally, it was over. We went back in the van. By the time we got back it was 2:00, and the Year 4s were practicing their cultural concert song. Bye.


Monday, 16 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tale 2

Little Red Riding Wolf


I'm doing the body now.

Once upon a time, there was a wolf. But he was not exactly a wolf. You see, when a story goes wrong, everything is affected. And when Little Red' went bad, there was no point for the wolf. So the wolf was removed. But then the story needed a hero, so he was brought back, and since heroes are classically human in these tales, he was made human. Yet the wolf used to be part of the story, and could not be fully removed. So when the wolf was removed, he became a ghost, when he was brought back he was 1/2 wolf and 1/2 ghost. Then when he was turned human, he became 1/3 wolf, 1/3 ghost and 1/3 human. He didn't even get the privilege of being a undead werewolf. Yet surprisingly, all this caused him was a migraine.

Wolf was confused. He had this strange feeling that biting people's legs off, was somehow wrong. He also had a feeling that his name was not Wolf, but that didn't matter. He returned to his leaf hut. The leaf hut was another thing he was concerned about. He had done what the voice had said, but the voice was still not happy. He shrugged (another new thing he had not quite mastered), and went to sleep.

The next day, Wolf came across a castle. Curious, he walked inside, and down the stairs.
"HALT! please?" A guard shouted at him. Wolf stared.
"Oh come on! Please! I don't get payed if I don't stop someone!"
"Ro ca-ey dren" Wolf attempted to say what the voice had told him to say.
"Erm... you wouldn't by any chance, be a hero?" asked the guard. "Because that would definitely give me a pay rise, stopping a hero."
"Res." The voice's commands were simpler now. But the next one was weird. Wolf walked up to the guard, curled up his paw and patted the guard on the face.

To be continued...

I'm pretty sure.

Yeah, I think this will be continued.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Term 4 Week 5

Bike Skills



Yesterday, Room 29 had bike skills again. (<-- The boring sentences continue!)  I can never have a non-boring start to my blog recount. On with the recount!

First, we  had to put our helmets on. I got a large. This paragraph is to short for a paragraph, so I am also going to write about getting the bikes. Our group was last to get a bike and we were one of the many groups that had to have two people who had to take turns with a bike.

Next, we learnt about breaking. In our lines there was a square of red cones. As soon as we reached this square, we had to break, then continue. Once again this paragraph is too short so I will write about learning to ride one-handed. Apparently you have to learn to ride one handed so you can indicate. I guess that makes sense. What we had to do was ride along then wave to one of the instructors while riding. The thing that made this tricky was: steering. That pretty much says it all.

Finally, it was over. We lined up and went to class after a free ride. I felt tired. Really tired. Bye.

Math Skillz- Ratios

My Reflection
I was learning about Ratios. I found Ratios easy, but Scaling (Which apparently is part of Ratios.) slightly challenging. My next step is to learn more strategies.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Language features of a fairy tale.

My Reflection

I was learning to identify the language features of a fairy tale. I found this tricky
 identify other things about a fairy tale. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Term 4 Week 4

Today we had the IKAN test. I got 8/8 on bank 1, 8/8 in bank 2, 7/8 (I think) in bank 3,  I'm pretty sure I got 7/8 again in bank 4 and I know I got 4/8 in bank 5. The banks all have different stages. Bank 1 = Stage 4, Bank 2 = Stage 5, Bank 3 = Stage 6, Bank 4 = Stage 7 and Bank 5 = Stage 8. I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. My next step is to learn what common factor means.

Determining Credibility

My Reflection.

I was learning to determine the credibility of a website. I found this tricky because I didn't know what to write in the Add details to explain box. My next step is to use this in my work by checking the credibility of a website before using facts from it.

Narrative Writing

My Reflection

I was learning about the structure of a narrative. I found this tricky because it was hard to order the pieces of paper. My next step is to write a fractured fairy tale. 

Monday, 2 November 2015

Fractured Fairy Tale

Little Red Riding Wolf.

So apparently I only have to write the intro.


In the deepest, gloomiest, darkest part of the forest, a dark, cruel, cunning queen sat on her throne of wolf bones. She wore a wolf skull as a crown on top of her blood red cloak. The only light in the forest was her glowing red eyes. All of the forest, and the village at the edge, feared her name,
Riding Hood.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Character Description

Name: Grandpa Joe (or Joel) (Roald Dahl)

Grandpa Joe is a thin, old, jolly man.  He wears a tie, and spends most of his time in bed. He has a grey mustache, and has grey hair.  He is very thin on account that his dinner, lunch and breakfast is cabbage soup. He is the only one of his kind (Charlieandthechocolatefactoryius  grandparentis) to step out of bed.
An accurate photo of Grandpa Joe
Note: WOW SMALL TEXT AGAIN!!! This description is of the grandpa Joe in the BOOK. In the movie he wears a respectable suit. In the book HE CANNOT AFFORD THIS! But I gave him a tie because whenever I think of grandpa Joe I see him with a tie. BUT NOT A SUIT! Pineapples.
Another note: I put in the google drawing because I couldn't use the images on the internet, because of copyright. Oranges.

Term 4 Week 3

Bike Skills

Actually Riding a bike

Once upon yesterday, we had bike skills again. This time, we actually got to ride a bike.  These bikes were ordinary bikes, disguised as BMX bikes. The only thing these cunning bikes didn't think of were brakes. These bikes had 2 brakes, whereas BMX bikes have only 1 for no reason at all. And there was a mountain bike. On with the recount!

First we had to put our helmets on. I got a large. Because this is too short for a paragraph, I'm going to talk about the bikes as well. The bike skills people took us to a line of bikes for each group. I got a grey BDAABMX*  bike. Hooray.

Next we got to the part where we actually got to ride the bike. Two by two, one person from each group got to ride a bike. This was sitting down riding. Then we got to ride standing up. Next, FREE RIDE!!! Which meant we were just riding in a large group. On a larger track. Hooray.

Finally we got to go back to class. I got a really tight slap band thingy. Hooray. I decided that this slap band was too tight to ever use. This recount will end in 3, 2, 1. 
*Bike disguised as a BMX 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bias And Balanced


WE ARE BEING RULED BY CATS!!!!* These cats have crushed all that stand in their way to WORLD DOMINATION! Hundreds of cat owners have been ENSLAVED!!! Cat owners, beware! Buy a dog before it's too late!
-D. Oglova**


The popularity of cats has increased in the last few years. This is a good thing, and a bad thing. The good part is that more cats that have been rescued by the SPCA are finding homes. The bad part, however, is that dogs are losing popularity. This is also probably because a dog is going to hurt a LOT if it bites you. Then again, a cat bites you and scratches you a lot more. I don't know.
- I. Donotexist+

*3 exclamation marks, the sign of a madman.
** Dog lover.
+ I do not exist.
WOW SMALL TEXT! Umm... this blog post is fictional, I think. Except for the SPCA part. The SPCA is real. Pineapples.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

Bike Skills
In the middle block, we had bike skills. That was the worst start for a recount I have ever written. So, so bad. Anyway, bike skills.  The recount will start now.

Straight after lunch, we had bike skills. First we went to the field. Then they turned out to be in the auditorium, so we went there. Once we were in the auditorium, there was a quiz, which will be more detailed in Paragraph 2

Thank you, Paragraph 1. We were sorted into teams, then we chose a team name, and Mrs Melville chose a team leader. We were told that if we had the answer we had to stand up, and the first one to stand up got to answer the question. For each question answered, a point went to the team that answered it. Answering part of a question got 1/2 a point. We got 3.5 points in the end.

After that super detailed report by Paragraph 2, I, Paragraph 3, will tell you of the HELMET RELAY. This was a race to get a helmet on. Once everybody in your team had a helmet on, AND put it on properly  (Make sure you have two fingers from your eyebrow to the helmet. Next make sure the straps make a Y around your ear. Then put two fingers between the strap buckle thing, and you're done.) you were finished. In the end we came FIRST!!!!!!! Which gave us 5 points.

Finally, bike skills was over. Our team finished FIRST with 8.5 points. My next step is to actually ride a bike.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

This week we were introduced to FANTASTIC FRIDAYS. We were given a sticky-note to write what groups we would like to join most to least out of this list:
  1. Ukulele.
  2. Cool Science.
  3. Kapa Haka.
  4. African Bead Work.
  5. Sewing/Wool Arts.
  6. Vintage Games.
  7. Traditional Sports.
  8. Glee.
My note looked like this:
  1. Cool science.
  2. Ukulele.
  3. Vintage games.
  4. Traditional sports
  5. African Bead Work. :( 
The next day it was revealed which group we got in to. I got Ukulele. My next step is to learn Ukulele in that group.



My Reflection Of Awesomeness
I was learning to find facts in a non-fiction article. I found this tricky because the article never tells when it happens so i have to put in when the article was published. My next step is to do this with fiction.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


My Reflection
I was learning about probability. I found this easy because I learnt about this before and it shows up a lot in my Mathletics tasks. My next step is to do harder probability questions.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

First Brain Challenge

My Reflection
I was learning about the brain. This was the first task. I found the first part easy, the second part easy and the third part easy. My next step is to finish all the challenges in the brain inquiry

A-Z Brain Challenge

My Reflection 
I was learning about the brain. I found this hard at the start and easy when I came back to it, because I found a website which was a A-Z about the brain. My next step is to finish the other brain inquiry work.

100 word challenge Term ? Week ?

Story world
One day I got up and looked around my street. It was a beautiful day. Suddenly I saw the cat.
Now this may sound normal, but this was a cartoon cat, and it got much weirder when I touched it, and was teleported to a new land.
"Ron, Ron! You have to save my beautiful face!" Said a voice. Then I saw the boy with the glasses, and the freaky vampire thing chasing him. I did the only thing I could think of, I threw a rock at the freaky vampire thing.
"YAY I DEFEATED VOLDERMORT!!" Said the glasses boy.
"No I did!" I protested.
"LIES!" He replied.
My Reflection
I was learning to write a story with only 100 words. I think I found this hard, because this story has more than a hundred words. This was the first 100 word challenge I did, I think. My next step was paragraphs (Which I added in when I uploaded this).

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom Interveiw

My Reflection
I was learning to read a piece of text and write a piece of text from one of the characters point of view.  I found this easy because I like writing stories in a interview style like this. My next step is to do this from another character's point of view. 


My Reflection
I was learning about tessellation. I found this work easy because it was basically a jigsaw puzzle. My next step is to learn about shape translation.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


"Calvin wake up."
"Hello Calvin."
"Calvin it's father's day."
Annoyed by this sound which seemed to be determined to wake me up, I reached for my trusty tissue box of "goawayordieplz" (which is a word) only to find that the voice seemed to be in my head.
"What a strange thing, what's father's day? I shall think of this in my bed for a while longer..." I thought "Wait a bit less than a minute (but a minute for the purpose of this sentence), father's day!"
I raced to the cupboard.

At the cupboard,  my brother, my sister and I chose our presents. I chose the floppy one, Vivienne chose the one with the note that said "FRAGILE!" and Justin chose the one that looked like a DVD. We took the presents to dad. I can't remember what mine was, but Vivienne's one was a plastic tube which was apparently for wine, and Justin's was a DVD containing two movies.

In the afternoon we drove to my uncle's house because it was time for my uncle's birthday party. Our gift to him was the last book that Terry Prachet wrote. I spent most of the party reading Calvin and Hobs, a physiology comic book of which I was named after. It was an okay party, as far as parties go.

Finally, it was time to go. It wasn't that boring after all. I said goodbye and got in the car. I was tired. The drive home was as boring as this sentence. How was your weekend? 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Kensuke's kingdom vocabulary challenge

My reflection
I was learning to extend my knowledge of new vocabulary ( as shown above, quite clearly). I found this tricky because I had to go back and forth from this work to the dictionary tab because I did not know how to spell the words. My next step is to define more words.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

3D Shapes

My Reflection
I was learning to identify 3D shapes. I found this tricky because counting the edges and faces is difficult when you can only see one side of the shape. My next step is to identify shapes that make up object such as:  cone + cylinder = Ice cream

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Term 3 Week 7

The Kapa Haka Performance   
 It was a rainy Monday morning, when we had to go to the auditorium for a Kapa Haka performance, with the Lendon Park School Kapa Haka, because we were practising for the koanga festival and they were practising for the kapa haka nationals.
Firstly, while the other school was getting ready, we sang songs. And that was an incredibly boring sentence. How about this: While the great Lendon park school kapa haka was preparing for their magnificent performance, we sang incredibly boring songs, such as the song of vanity. As you have probably guessed, I was very bored.
Secondly, our kapa haka performed. It was incredibly loud, and (not surprisingly) I was still bored. (mainly because of the fact that this was an assembly.)  The performance cycled between talking, shouting and singing. I cannot remember any of the names of the songs that they sung.
Next, the other school preformed. This was even louder than our performance (You have done the impossible Lendon park school, good job) This performance cycled between singing and shouting (And surprisingly little talking.) I was slightly less bored seeing that the assembly was very nearly over.
Finally, the assembly was over. The other school's kapa haka was much better than ours. ( Yes, it was.) Now I was not bored, seeing that it was lunch time. 

Monday, 31 August 2015


My Reflection
I was learning to recognize adjectives. I found this tricky because I didn't know which ones were adjectives. My next step is to do nouns. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Term 3 Week 6

This week we finished the wind chimes for the art exhibition. I found this tricky because the weaving was so hard!!!!!! My next step is make a wind chime out something other than clay. 
My wind chime

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Spring haiku poem

My Reflection
I was learning how to make a haiku poem. We had to write it about a season. I did spring. I found this tricky because I did not know how to find the number of syllables. My next step is to write a haiku without using an online syllable dictionary.
Created with:

Friday, 14 August 2015

100 word challenge T3 W4

The Pelisodopholus

The Banana newspaper
11/8 3037
The Pelisodopholus
 It has been sighted all round the southern hemisphere. The pelisodopholus is a mythological creature, which up until now has never been caught. It is now held in the Night Zoo.
16/9 3037
THE PELISODOPHOLUS HAS ESCAPED! There seem to be no signs of escape, oh wait he's just sleeping in a corner.  Oh no, gerbils! The gerbils are in the pelisodopholus cage! Why does the Night Zoo even have gerbils anyway!
Description Of The Pelisodopholus:
It looks remarkably like a penguin, but it has a tail, antennae and a sign that says either I am not a penguin or I am an unsuspecting pelisodopholus. The predator of the pelisodopholus is the gerbil.

Monday, 10 August 2015

How to make a wind chime explanation writing

I am going to explain how to make a clay wind chime. Do you like hanging ornaments ( *cough* wind chime.)?         
Wind chimes are hanging ornaments which make a sound when the wind blows.
Wind chimes can be made from many things, clay, metal, glass even shell!
For a clay wind chime, you need clay, string, scissors, cardboard, paper and a pencil.
Firstly, draw your design onto paper. Secondly, copy that design to a piece of cardboard and then cut out the cardboard to make a stencil. Next, cut out the shape on the clay. Finally, leave the clay to dry for a week or more.
Use your new wind chime anywhere with wind and a thing to hang it on. It could be in your garden, on a balcony, Anywhere!
Now you know how to make an wind chime. Special things about a wind chime are:  Different shapes and sizes, nice sound and lots of possible materials.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Term 2 Week 3

This week we had the speech finals. Unfortunately none of the people from our class got into the final finals ( I wonder if there will be a final final finals). My next step is to get into the finals ( but not the final finals or the final final finals, unless mangoes fall from the sky and if that happens there won't be a finals,final finals or a final final finals). Speeches are really complicated!

Kensuke's Kingdom Chapter 2

My reflection 1
I was learning to use labels and diagrams to describe one of the animals that Michael saw in the book Kensuke's Kingdom. I found this easy because TURTLES ARE AWESOME. I found the facts at wikipedia. My next step is to do this again but about dolphins
My Reflection 2
I was learning to read some text and answer questions about it. I found this hard because it was tricky to find the text I needed. My next step is to answer more!

Explanation writing: How to stay safe in an earthquake.

My reflection
I was learning how to write an explanation. I found this tricky because is was hard to think of ideas. My next step is to write this about the other subjects we were allowed to write about.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Kensuke's Kingdom

Them sailing round the world is a good idea because: It would be fun,  they would get to see the world and there would be a lot of fresh air
It would be a bad idea because: They would get seasick,  they would run out of food (The world is very big) and there would be a lot of iceberg.
I think:  BAD IDEA. Too much danger of the whole plot happening
My Reflection
I was learning to look at the pros and cons of what happens in a story. I found this easy because we only read chapter 1. My next step is to put more detail into my writing.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Term 2 Week 10

On Thursday last week we had a assembly to celebrate Matariki. First they told us the story of Matariki, then they had a bunch of questions, which of course had prizes. When there is a prize to a question, it makes people excited, resulting in more people answering the question. Psychology!
After Morning tea, we all got sorted into groups and went to the MATARIKI ROTATIONS! (dun dun duun!) The first one my group went to was the Making Stars bit, in which we made stars (surprise!). The second one we went to was one where we coloured in some paper hands. No idea what that has to do with Matariki. Finally, we came back to our class and had a moari lesson.  


My Reflection.
I was learning to convert fractions into decimals and percentages. I found this tricky because it was hard to find the fraction, decimal and percentage. My next step is to do this with bigger fractions.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Speech reflection

My Reflection
I was learning to write a persuasive or informative speech. I chose informative. I found this easy because I know  a lot about penguins. My next step is to create an persuasive speech. 

Kaitiaki Art

My Reflection
I was learning to create a artwork about the Maori gods, or Kaitiaki. This one was supposed to be Tawhirimatea, but I accidentally made it look like he was crazy. My next step is to do this again, and try to not make him look crazy.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Reorganizing information

My Reflection
I was learning to read a piece of text and reorganize it in my own words. I found this tricky because it is hard to find the information that the thing is asking for. My next step is to reorganize information in a larger piece of text.  


My Reflection
I was learning to add paragraphs to my writing. I found this easy. My next step is to use more paragraphs in my writing.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Term 2 Week 7?

This week the ICAS thing happened. The science one. Last week I was sick for the entire week except Monday, so nothing much there.  Erm... My next step is to do the reading ICAS...?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Term 2 Week 3

This week I wasn't here much, but apparently they did art about the Maori gods...? When I was here we were doing wind chimes. It's funny how people can make a new art thing show up so suddenly. That teacher plan thing must be annoying when they say ¨Okay new art project here!¨ When the original project is not finished.  That would be annoying.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

This week the mayor came to our school, because we had earned a green gold. On Friday last week we had a humungoshugusbiggustalluszillaish whole school cleanup, including watering the  and sweeping/raking leaves. (SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!)[insert ending here]

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Term 2 Week 2

This week... nothing worth mentioning happened. Last week the otago maths thing happened, and I got 1/5. Obviously I found it tricky. My next step is to get a score that is better than 1.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Term1 Week8

This week was the last week for the pepeha art, slideshow, and typing the pepeha.  I doubt everyone will be done though, because a lot of people were still doing the art, last time I checked.  My next step is to the piece of art we're doing.
Image result for cartoon paintbrush

Monday, 23 March 2015

100 word challenge (Suddenly I saw)

                     ...suddenly I saw...

Image result for harry potter
The glasses kid
One day I got up and looked around my neighborhood. It was a beautiful day. Suddenly I saw the cat. Now this may sound normal, but this was a cartoon cat, and it got much weirder when I touched it, and was teleported to another land. Ron, Ron! You have to save my beautiful face!  Said a voice. Then saw the glasses kid, and the bald guy chasing him. I did the only thing I could think of, I threw a rock at the bald guy. Yay I defeated Voldemort! Said the glasses kid. No I did!
Lies! Was the reply.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My pepeha

My reflection
I was learning to say where I come from and other stuff in art. This is called a pepeha. I found this work easy. My next step is to make another pepeha...?

Charlotte's web expression challenge

My Reflection
I was learning to read with proper expression, not that silly sing-song voice you learn to do in year 1. I found this tricky, because it is hard to maintain reading with expression. My next step is to use this when I  read normally.

Charlotte's web vocab challenge

My Reflection
I was learning to define certain words. I found this easy, because I already know a lot of words. My next step is to use these when writing, or talking.

Charlotte's web diagram challenge

My Reflection
I was learning to use a diagram to  get information. I found this tricky because the diagrams were saying different things. My next step is to interpret  a more complicated diagram.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

T1 W7 :D

This week we did The Charlotte's Web Challenge. Again. I'm almost finished.   We also did a 100 word challenge, which is going to be fun, because Mrs Melville postponed it. My next step is to do the other parts of the challenge (And do the 100 word challenge). :D                                         

Monday, 16 March 2015

Place value L1-3

Don't listen to these with headphones, or at max volume.*
                                      He he, -Calvin
*I have no idea what idiot would do both, but my advice is, just don't.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Charlotte's web stereotypes challenge

Place value L4.5

I was learning to read numbers up to decimals and millions and to say which is bigger or smaller.
The thing that helped me most was using my basic facts to help with bigger numbers
My next step is to:

- try the same activity suing bigger numbers
- use this information to move problems

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Place value L4

T1 W7 :D

This week we started a challenge similar to the Blue whale challenge. This is a challenge for the novel readers, named The Charlotte's Web Challenge. Like the last one it is a range of challenges, each different to the other challenges.  The only differences are that 1) It's only for the novel readers and 2) A spider  is slightly smaller than a whale.*

*Who would've known?

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

T1 W5 :D

Blue whale
This week we did-and still are doing-a blue whale challenge. This challenge contains 10 challenges. We were put into pairs and two pairs could work together.I am finding this challenge hard and fun.  My  next step is to do...   erm...   the parts I haven't done?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Term 1 Week 4

Last week we read Charlotte's web.  It has a rather basic plot, the pig, Wilber, is a runt of the litter and fern, the girl, wants him to live instead of get killed.  After this event has passed Wilber is sold to another farmer, who is plotting to kill send him to sleep for a very long time. I honestly have nothing else to say except... It's a story about a pig...? 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

My welcome post :D

 Welcome to my Year 5 learning blog*. This year I am in room 28/29 and my teachers are Mrs Graham and Mrs Melville. I enjoy reading. This year I am looking forward to dodge-ball. I hope you will enjoy my blog and leave lots of feedback. :D 

*Like the year 4 one, but year 5. That's one more number! YAAAAY!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

African Praise poem

I have been learning to write a African praise poem. I found this work tricky because there aren't many animals that can describe me. The most challenging thing was, surprisingly, publishing, because there wasn't enough space on the table for both the computer and my book. My next step is to find out if there are any other types of poems indigenous to certain countries.:D