Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Narrative plan thing

My Reflection
So this is a narrative plan with 3 columns. Yup. Doesn't have a name so I'm gonna call it the trubblerectanglemap. We were learning to take a character from a book and expand on that character, making it's own story. This was FUN. I didn't initially choose this character, but we don't talk about the first character. This character however... this character isn't too important to the plot, only really appears in two parts and in between those parts it's not explained how he got there. Perfect. I could make up an ancient Arabian mafia, a cabbage rescue mission, I could've even made him go to the moon*! So overall, this was EASY! It's gonna be published soon too. My next step is to publish this.

*I didn't though :( . Blueberries.