Thursday, 8 December 2016

3D shape shading art photo thing!

I don't know what I'm supposed to call this art. So I'm gonna call this particular piece (wot wot) "Nobody likes physics." Slightly ironic, considering the incredibly realistic physics shown in the artwork. Anyway, we were learning to shade 3D shapes to show a light source. This was quite hard and has now made me hate cubes. "Oh, you want to draw me Calvin? Okay, OH WAIT I'M GOING TO LOOK TERRIBLE AND ANNOY YOU TO THE END OF TIME! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" So I had to draw the cube multiple times just to get it looking okay. My next step is to learn how to draw cubes.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Narrative plan thing

My Reflection
So this is a narrative plan with 3 columns. Yup. Doesn't have a name so I'm gonna call it the trubblerectanglemap. We were learning to take a character from a book and expand on that character, making it's own story. This was FUN. I didn't initially choose this character, but we don't talk about the first character. This character however... this character isn't too important to the plot, only really appears in two parts and in between those parts it's not explained how he got there. Perfect. I could make up an ancient Arabian mafia, a cabbage rescue mission, I could've even made him go to the moon*! So overall, this was EASY! It's gonna be published soon too. My next step is to publish this.

*I didn't though :( . Blueberries.  

Thursday, 22 September 2016

St John certificate

This certificate is for the almighty SAINT JOHN IN SCHOOLS PROGRAM! The picture is slightly weird, I mean, where did they get that massive piece of paper? Maybe they had some excess bandages. And if I was slightly better at taking pictures then you would see the impossible sand castle*.  Anyway, I am a doctor now. Yay.

*It's got sticking out bits! Made of yellow sand! Yellow sand can't hold it's shape, you need wet sand that's dried out in that shape! Pomegranates!

Youthtown certificate

My Reflection?
This is a photo of me and my Youthtown certificate. As you can see, I am very enthusiastic about the sports. I'm a big fan of the Rogbee game. I love the running at the other people and the sitting on them until they give you the ball. I also love the attacking of the earth with the ball. Youthtown also had some of the sports games which were of the fun. There was the Hokkey game and the Biscutball game.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


My Reflection
I was learning to make a haiku. I had to do it about something in nature. So I did winter, because penguins and Snowman Steve*. I found this work tricky because how many words are there for ice? It was originally supposed to be about antartica, but people thought it was about winter so I just pretended it was about that all along. My next step is to create a detailed backstory for snowman steve. Oh yeah, and do a haiku about something I´ve never heard of.
*𝅘𝅥𝅮Snowman Steve, not a hat thief. He definitely owns that hat!𝅘𝅥𝅮 Mandarins

Personality Thing

My reflection
I´m not really sure what we were learning about this. Like, we were talking about how Meg in A Wrinkle In Time has a rebellious personality and Mrs Borcher (Google wanted to call her Mrs Scorcher) gave us this activity. I found this slightly tricky because I don´t like talking about my personality. It just seems kinda vain to me.

Auckland Skyline

My Reflection
We were learning to paint using different techniques. Maybe I should have learnt to draw first. Anyway, the process (The Calvin way)!:  
  1. Paint the sunset 
  2. Draw the skyline of Auckland on black paper. It is crucial that you do this badly.
  3. Cut out the skyline. This must also be done terribly.
  4. Sponge paint the water. Make sure the paper folds over and gets blue on your lovely sunset.
  5. Glue the skyline on to the paper so that all the tops of the buildings stick out.
  6. Upload!
This was actually quite easy though.
How to do it properly!

  1. Paint the sunset by mixing the colours: Orange, red and yellow
  2. Draw the skyline of Auckland on black paper. It's easier if you make the buildings very wide.
  3. Cut out the skyline. This is why it's easier if the building are very wide.
  4. Paint the water by dipping a small sponge in paint and squishing it against the paper.
  5. Glue the skyline onto the paper.
  6. You're done!

Anyway, my next step is to learn how to draw. And cut.


My Reflection
I was learning how to persuade people to believe my point of view and to speak confidently in front of an audience. I found this incredibly hard. It's just something about reading from a script that just makes me so nervous. I wonder what would have happened if I had just made it up as I went along. Probably an abomination of a speech. Hmm. You know what? That's my next step. CONTINUE THE PRODUCTION OF EXPERIMENTFRUITS*! 
*Scroll down to the last post. Experimentfruits. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Imformation Report

My Reflection
We were learning about the issues that are harming our ocean (Oh my gosh! I could never had known that from the name of the slideshow!). I made this with a whole bunch of other people, as you can also see by the slide. My next step is to*... I dunno.
*This part of the reflection is so FRUSTRATING! There's usually not much else I can do to further this learning. Hmm... I wonder if I can put I dunno. Experiment! Experimentfruits!

Friday, 1 July 2016


My reflection
We were reading the green book. I'm pretty sure I've done a post about this before. Anyway, I was learning to compare the life cycle of the moth people on the planet Shine (In the green book) and the life cycle of a Earth moth. I found this work tricky because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. I have absolutely no idea what my next step is.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Term 2 Week 8

Apparently we've been learning about the solar system. Amazing what these people do while I'm away. Also, the solar system is the big thing this term. Solar system art, solar system inquiry, solar system writing and solar system reading. Maybe not reading. That requires it's own paragraph! Yay!

Welcome to the paragraph entirely for reading! Rather posh. Anyway, the book we're reading is called "The green book." As far as I can see, it's not green. The basic story line so far is: Earth is dying. Bunch of government people allocate planets to groups of people to colonize. Did I mention these are groups of ordinary people? So, where was I, ah yes, the particular group this follows goes to a closer planet that hasn't been checked because nobody cares about them, and, surprise surprise, it goes wrong. There is no edible plant life and the grass is made of sharp glass! SHARP GLASS! WHAT THE HECK PLANET?! And that's where we're up to. Planet sounds nice doesn't it? Slightly solar systemy.

And for the one bit that has nothing to do with the solar system, speeches are coming around again. Again. Which is why my speech is going to be about speeches being a waste of time*. It's pretty good in my opinion, for a speech. Hooray.

My old penguin went on strike, so I had to get a new one. I like this one better. Made it myself instead of using a special letter. Penguin says bye.

*I worry about my sanity sometimes.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Creating a planner from success criteria

My Reflection
We were learning how to create a plan for a speech using the success criteria. I found this work tricky because I wasn't sure what type of plan to do. My next step is to plan my speech using this planner.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Grid value portrait

^ ^
That's a grid value portrait. Also, if you haven't noticed, I'm back! Anyway a, ehem, Grid value portrait, is a fancy way of saying picture made out of patterns. Originally made by the artist Chuck Close (who's dad died, mother got breast cancer, got a kidney infection, paints faces but can't distinguish one face from another (face blindness)*, was paralyzed but strapped a brush to his wrist and kept painting and is still alive.) you draw grid value portrait🐧 by drawing a grid on a piece of paper and a photo andcopying one square at a time using small close together patterns for dark squares, large and far apart patterns for light squares and they look really cool.

*Can I even have brackets in a brackets? Limes.
🐧I will now call them pattern people. Nectarines.
Double ands, I know. But what else was I supposed to do? Apples.

°Does the comma make sense? Lemons.
Penguin says bye.
Interesting fact: The penguin isn't an image. Its a special character. Go into insert in google docs, click on special characters and draw a penguin in the box. This'll come up if it thinks your drawing looks enough like a penguin.

T2 W5

So, when I got back from England, a lot of strange things had been invented while I was away. Firstly, we're now doing SDL in this classroom like last year. SDL stands for self-directed-learning which is a fancy teacher word for deciding what subject you want to do and when you want to do it.  And then there's the badly named "Terrific Tuesday" which is bad because A) Tuesday is terrific already and B) It make Tuesday not so terrific. I had to start saying "Merry first part of Tuesday" instead of "Merry Tuesday*".  I also happen to come back just before the 3 way conferences and the book fair week, so I missed out on those (If you didn't know, 3 way conferences are things where the parent comes in too see their child's work and talk to the teacher.). Plus Matariki. I hate Matariki. I mean, I like Matariki, but I don't like the stuff we 'learn' about it EVERY YEAR! AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ABOUT THE WATER CYCLE! AAAAAHHHH!
Penguin says bye, for now...
But if he catches you teaching the water cycle...
Look him in the eye and you'll know what he'll do...

*Note: A Thursday, Wednesday or Monday can be a Tuesday too. But Friday, Saturday and Sunday are slightly better than Tuesday. So they can stay the same.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Musee d'orsay art gallery

While we were in Paris, we saw the Musee d'orsay. It's an art gallery in Paris. Inside, we went to see the Henri Rousseau exhibition and the impressionists exhibition. I'm going to talk about the impressionists exhibition because it was amazing.  We saw a lot by a guy called Monet (pronounced mon-nay) who did some really pretty paintings of water. I found one that I really liked of the beach with some very pretty waves. By the way, impressionist art is more focused on colour than detail. Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take pictures.

Monday, 30 May 2016

The Eiffel tower

We went to the Eiffel tower and it really isn't worth blogging about.  It was BORING. I wonder why it's a tourist attraction.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Back from Ireland part 2

Interesting fact: I'm now in Germany.

3. Craggonowen
We did this on the same day as Bunratty Castle and seeing as Bunratty Castle was so big it was very late when we arrived. But we still got to see everything.  So anyway,  the first thing we saw was,  obviously, the Cranog. The Cranog was a manmade island made by iron age people. Not much else to say. The next thing was a hill fort.  Which was, surprisingly, a fort on a hill. But underneath the hill fort was a little passage which ended with a ladder leading up to one of the huts. There was also a thing about some guy sailing around the world in a small boat to prove some other guy could do it, but I won't talk about that.

4. Flying back to London.
I felt sick for an hour. Coincidentally in the air.

5. Bath.
Bath is a Roman town in Wales. What did you think it was? It's where the Roman baths are. Unfortunately I  don't remember much.  I remember the huge green baths and a opening of the natural hot springs, but not anything else. Sorry about that.

6.Flying to Germany.
Turn Germany into England and it's Tuesday.  That doesn't work when you don't know what day it is.

The baths
The cranog village

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back from Ireland

I haven't been able to blog lately because of lack of internet and I was staying with an grandaunty that was very anti technology. So, this will be a long post.

1. Bunratty Castle.
The day after we left the house I talked about in the last post, we went to a place in the other side of Ireland (The Republic of Ireland) called Bunratty Castle and Folk Park. One word: AMAZING. Multiple words: Very big. Bigger than the TOWER OF LONDON! THE MASSIVE IMPENETRABLE* FORTRESS WHICH IS MOST FAMOUS THING IN LONDON! Still very cool though. We did this "typical Irish night" thing where there was tons of people, you got this very nice lamb stew and there were a couple of people dancing and singing. This post is going to be very long if I don't move on.

*Unless you're a tourist

The castle
The dancing people

I now have to split this into two parts.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

I'm in Ireland now, among other things

The day before yesterday, I went to the natural history museum. We got lost. There was this moving dinosaur and there was SUPPOSED to be a "Living fossil" which was a preserved coinelithith? Conilefith? Coneilifif? A fish. Moving on to arriving in Ireland, and some things in Ireland.

So, the flight from London to Ireland was actually quite short, only a hour long. But once we got there there was a 2 hour drive in this stupid rented car, for half the journey the speed limit was in miles and the car only said kilometers, we went on a toll road without realizing it and I was carsick. But once we got here, it was really nice because my grandaunty Laine has this HUGE house with a massive back yard and it was just really nice.

Little bit about the peat photo, what you do with peat is, you scoop it up, dry it out and burn it. Don't get that stuff in NZ.

Waterfall at a walk in Ireland.
Grandaunty Laine's house
Moving dinosaur.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Tower of London

Yesterday we went to the Tower of London. More accurately, the Towers of London. There's the white tower, the wardrobe tower, pretty sure there's another one tower and the many more tower. Also, we did nothing yesterday, but we're going to the natural history museum today.

Tower Bridge
White Tower
The entrance

Monday, 9 May 2016

I'm in London now!

The day before yesterday, I arrived in London. We flew from NZ to Singapore to London. On all the planes I felt sick. Hooray. By the way, I'm only going to blog on the weekdays. Weekdays in England. Anyway, we went to Tilbury  Fort. PHOTOS! And steep stairs.

Tilbury Fort cannon of some kind 
Tilbury Fort gunpowder crane
The steep stairs at granddads house.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Term 2 Week 1

Holidays are over now. :(

This week we started a writing project where we had to make an ad about something that could make our holidays awesome.  I have already done a post about this. It should be just about there . Also, we are doing Agamographs for art. So far, all we've done is write down ideas. I suppose I should tell you what an Agamograph is. An Agraph, agamy, agamo, FINE I'LL CALL IT AN AGAMOGRAPH, is a picture that changes depending on how you look at it. Example: Earth to Earth shaped Penguin in space. These usually have to be related somehow. With the example, the Penguin ate the Earth, hence the earth shaped. Anyway, I am finding the ad easy because I've finished it and the art easy because I haven't started it*. My next step is to:
  1. Start the art.
  2. Nothing.
Penguin says bye.

*WOW SMALL TEXT! This is going to change in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Lemonade Apple.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Persuasive techniques in commercials

My Reflection
We were learning to make an advertisement to convince our parents to do something that would make our holidays amazing. I chose to make mine about letting us play video games all day. I started out doing an animation like everyone else, but after I couldn't think of a script and most of the time I didn't have a computer to make the animation, so I decided to try and do a POSTER OF AMAZINGNESSABILITY. I was the only one doing a poster, since it wasn't one of the original options we were given. And look, it turned out amazing. I even made a pamphlet. The persuasive techniques I used were:
1.Emotional appeal: Using things that the people who I am directing this ad to like.
2. Testimonial: A review from a happy customer.
3.Slogan: In this case: "Leave'em be and be free" A catchy thing that will stay in people's mind
4. Repetition: Saying something over and over again so you remember it.
5. Bandwagon: Fear of missing out.
6. Expert opinion: Using something that people will trust because it was said by someone who knows what they're doing.   
 I found this work tricky, because there wasn't many benefits. My next step is to make more pamphlets. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Car Story



*Term and conditions apply. Cars are very scarce. Cars may already be carved into pieces.  

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Dot Story

Once there was a person called Dot. Dot had a fear of dots. No dotty letters such as or . So we won't harbor dots. NO DOTS.  Except full stops. All other dots are half dots, so they're bad. Anyway, dot went to the shop. She bought lots of bots. That day was unbearably hot. Rhyme a lot. The story turns to rot. Bye.

100 Word Challenge


No. This is not happening. That’s just a normal dog. Not massive. I'm just hallucinating. But I'm still running, just in case. I mean somebody could probably tell me that there's just a normal, ordinary dog. In fact, if I turn around now it'll probably be normal. I look round. Nope, still massive. I'm starting to wonder if I should scream. That sounds like the  right thing to do. I start screaming. Then I stop.  I start to wonder if me running away is a  metaphor for life. I realize I've stopped running. I look round. The dog's gone. Okay...
100 Words
Note: WOW SMALL TEXT!! The fancy word thingy is the same one I used before. As I said before, it was made with Hmm... Dragon fruits.I think that's a fruit.

Explanation Writing

My Reflection
YAY IT FINALLY WORKED! The border just wouldn't upload right in the HTML. Even now it's not quite right. Anyway, I was learning to write an explanation. I found the actual writing easy because it just wasn't that hard. The uploading however*...  My next step is to write another explanation...?

*Part of the border was above the writing, the rest were in the middle of it.

Friday, 18 March 2016


My Reflection
I was learning to... I don't know. Erm... maybe place value. I used that a bit. Erm...  I found this work tricky because the thing didn't give us many clues, but is was still fun. My next step is to practice using place value partitioning. Bye. 

Term 1 Week 7

Once upon a right now, there is a class called Room 20.  This class has been reading the Whale Rider. The Whale Rider is a book by Whiti Ihimaera. It's about a girl called Kahu, and is based around the legend of Paikea. I don't really like this book, because I don't really like stories that focus on a certain culture and you can't talk about these books easily without saying something wrong and getting an entire culture mad at you. Other than that, it's a good book. It's funny, well written and learning the tiny bits of Maori in the book is fun. There isn't really much else I can say, so goodbye. =D

Note: WOW SMALL TEXT! The fancy text thingy was made with Grapefruits.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Identifying Bias

Why I chose these things as bias
I chose these pieces because I couldn't find anything that showed bias to Kahu in particular, mainly just to girls in general. These were just biased in some way.
My Reflection
We were learning to identify bias when we are reading. This is a chapter from the whale rider. I found this work tricky, because I found it hard to find pieces that actually fitted the definition of bias. My next step is to look at another chapter, which shows particular bias towards KAHU, not just HALF THE POPULATION OF THE WORLD! I'm gonna call Koro Apirana Koro Piranha from now on. That's what Google wanted to call him.  

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


My Reflection
I was learning to compare characters in a book with me. I found this difficult because I haven't got a lot in common with these people and I'm always nervous about comparing other people with myself because I might say something good and it's wrong. My next step is to think of something that I have in common with these people.

Forms in room 20

No. 1

The Graph


Analyzing The Trends

Okay, so Other has 6. I did not put in enough options. But look at THIS:
MOVIE! That should have been put in Not School Related. Also, it seems more people have their forms about non-school related subjects. Michael and Mrs Graham didn't answer my form apparently, because there are no time related. CONCLUSION
1. I should've put in more options.
2 People don't like school
3 Some people just don't pay attention to what the form says
4 Michael and Mrs Graham didn't answer my form.


The Reflection

I was learning to answer a question using the statistical cycle. When we collected the data we used Google Forms, so I made my subject about what subject their form was about. I found this work easy because, well,  it was just simple, Okay? My next step is to ask another question because the cycle is infinite.

Peer Mediator Video

My Reflection
I was learning how to be a peer mediator. I found this work tricky because people kept laughing and ruining the video. Also, I messed up just as much as them, but they went to the teacher because apparently they never did anything wrong and all the failed videos were MY fault. My next step is to solve a real problem because they never turn out like this.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Term 1 Week 5

This year we have been portraits of ourselves out of patterns. This probably has some sort of really fancy name specially designed so that people writing a blog post about it will forget what it is. We'll call it patterportrait for now.  This art is actually really fun.  ONWARD!

First the teacher took photos in black and white of us. This was confusing for me because she said to do a "cool pose*". When it was my turn I was told to look to the right. People are strange

Next we drew a grid over the photo. This was because each square needed to have a pattern of it's own. This doesn't mean patterns cannot be repeated, they can but not right next to a square with the same pattern. We also made a paper window so we could focus on one square at a time.

Now we are copying each square from the photo onto a much bigger piece of paper. This part is interesting because for dark bits we are using small and close together patterns to make the illusion of darkness and big and far apart patterns to create the illusion of light. I decided to have 6 squares with a letter of my name as a pattern in them. They are arranged like this:     C.

I think that might be the last step. It's the step we're on at the moment so I can't write about anything else. I am really liking this artwork even though it's quite difficult. Can't wait to put them up. Bye!

*I do not understand this strange word

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Legend Of Paikea Retelling

My Reflection
I was learning to retell a legend in a new way. I decided to retell it from Ruatapu's point of view. I found this tricky because it was difficult to translate the story into my own words. This version was different from the draft because I wanted it to be more from Ruatapu's point of view, not just a story that gave him a little bit of slack. My next step is to retell a story from another culture, not Maori.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Basic Facts Graph

First day of school description

My Reflection

I was learning to use my senses to add detail to my writing. I found this difficultish (That's a word now) because I had to do it twice AND I had to remember to skip lines in the draft. My next step is to take a better picture (Curse you Chromebook camera!).

Monday, 1 February 2016