Thursday, 29 October 2015

Character Description

Name: Grandpa Joe (or Joel) (Roald Dahl)

Grandpa Joe is a thin, old, jolly man.  He wears a tie, and spends most of his time in bed. He has a grey mustache, and has grey hair.  He is very thin on account that his dinner, lunch and breakfast is cabbage soup. He is the only one of his kind (Charlieandthechocolatefactoryius  grandparentis) to step out of bed.
An accurate photo of Grandpa Joe
Note: WOW SMALL TEXT AGAIN!!! This description is of the grandpa Joe in the BOOK. In the movie he wears a respectable suit. In the book HE CANNOT AFFORD THIS! But I gave him a tie because whenever I think of grandpa Joe I see him with a tie. BUT NOT A SUIT! Pineapples.
Another note: I put in the google drawing because I couldn't use the images on the internet, because of copyright. Oranges.

Term 4 Week 3

Bike Skills

Actually Riding a bike

Once upon yesterday, we had bike skills again. This time, we actually got to ride a bike.  These bikes were ordinary bikes, disguised as BMX bikes. The only thing these cunning bikes didn't think of were brakes. These bikes had 2 brakes, whereas BMX bikes have only 1 for no reason at all. And there was a mountain bike. On with the recount!

First we had to put our helmets on. I got a large. Because this is too short for a paragraph, I'm going to talk about the bikes as well. The bike skills people took us to a line of bikes for each group. I got a grey BDAABMX*  bike. Hooray.

Next we got to the part where we actually got to ride the bike. Two by two, one person from each group got to ride a bike. This was sitting down riding. Then we got to ride standing up. Next, FREE RIDE!!! Which meant we were just riding in a large group. On a larger track. Hooray.

Finally we got to go back to class. I got a really tight slap band thingy. Hooray. I decided that this slap band was too tight to ever use. This recount will end in 3, 2, 1. 
*Bike disguised as a BMX 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bias And Balanced


WE ARE BEING RULED BY CATS!!!!* These cats have crushed all that stand in their way to WORLD DOMINATION! Hundreds of cat owners have been ENSLAVED!!! Cat owners, beware! Buy a dog before it's too late!
-D. Oglova**


The popularity of cats has increased in the last few years. This is a good thing, and a bad thing. The good part is that more cats that have been rescued by the SPCA are finding homes. The bad part, however, is that dogs are losing popularity. This is also probably because a dog is going to hurt a LOT if it bites you. Then again, a cat bites you and scratches you a lot more. I don't know.
- I. Donotexist+

*3 exclamation marks, the sign of a madman.
** Dog lover.
+ I do not exist.
WOW SMALL TEXT! Umm... this blog post is fictional, I think. Except for the SPCA part. The SPCA is real. Pineapples.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

Bike Skills
In the middle block, we had bike skills. That was the worst start for a recount I have ever written. So, so bad. Anyway, bike skills.  The recount will start now.

Straight after lunch, we had bike skills. First we went to the field. Then they turned out to be in the auditorium, so we went there. Once we were in the auditorium, there was a quiz, which will be more detailed in Paragraph 2

Thank you, Paragraph 1. We were sorted into teams, then we chose a team name, and Mrs Melville chose a team leader. We were told that if we had the answer we had to stand up, and the first one to stand up got to answer the question. For each question answered, a point went to the team that answered it. Answering part of a question got 1/2 a point. We got 3.5 points in the end.

After that super detailed report by Paragraph 2, I, Paragraph 3, will tell you of the HELMET RELAY. This was a race to get a helmet on. Once everybody in your team had a helmet on, AND put it on properly  (Make sure you have two fingers from your eyebrow to the helmet. Next make sure the straps make a Y around your ear. Then put two fingers between the strap buckle thing, and you're done.) you were finished. In the end we came FIRST!!!!!!! Which gave us 5 points.

Finally, bike skills was over. Our team finished FIRST with 8.5 points. My next step is to actually ride a bike.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Term 4 Week 1

This week we were introduced to FANTASTIC FRIDAYS. We were given a sticky-note to write what groups we would like to join most to least out of this list:
  1. Ukulele.
  2. Cool Science.
  3. Kapa Haka.
  4. African Bead Work.
  5. Sewing/Wool Arts.
  6. Vintage Games.
  7. Traditional Sports.
  8. Glee.
My note looked like this:
  1. Cool science.
  2. Ukulele.
  3. Vintage games.
  4. Traditional sports
  5. African Bead Work. :( 
The next day it was revealed which group we got in to. I got Ukulele. My next step is to learn Ukulele in that group.



My Reflection Of Awesomeness
I was learning to find facts in a non-fiction article. I found this tricky because the article never tells when it happens so i have to put in when the article was published. My next step is to do this with fiction.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


My Reflection
I was learning about probability. I found this easy because I learnt about this before and it shows up a lot in my Mathletics tasks. My next step is to do harder probability questions.